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Industries We Serve: Municipal


Need a shop rebuild for your lift station pump? Need new controls for your high lift pump? Does your progressive cavity pump need a new stator? Illinois pump is happy to quote a rebuild, replacement or new pump for your plant, park, pool or building.

The municipal applications we service include:

  • Water Supply
  • Lift Stations
  • Parks, Pools & Water Parks
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • ALL building applications
These services extend for ALL makes and ALL models of pumps!

Call Illinois Pump at 847-368-PUMP (7867) for your service needs. WE RESPOND with an expertise in Municipal pump applications. We provide prompt, professional service for every pump application in your plant, station, park district or building and warranty our work, even for older obsolete equipment.

Budget restrictions? Looking for an alternative for buying a complete new pump station? We will analyze your problem and provide you with the most cost effective solution, be that replacement pump parts, pump repair, pump rebuild or a whole new pump.

Along with pumps as our core, we also service motors, controls, and other ancillary equipment. The additional equipment include, but are not limited to valves, as well control panels, control switches, and control devices. For the most modern and energy savings needs we also service and support PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), VFD’s (variable frequency drives), and can interface with remote controls.

We work closely with village engineers, maintenance staff, plant and facility managers, as well as third-party engineering firms, to provide the most logical solution for your specific municipal pump needs.

We can provide quick answers to many of these customer’s recent municipal pump questions:

How can we tell our lift station float controls are functioning properly? Can you provide lift station service after hours and during inclement weather? Are your techs confined space certified? Can a different submersible pump brand be installed on existing base elbow and guide rails? Is there a control panel available with redundant float controls? What oil should we use for a high lift or low lift pump with an enclosed line shaft? How much energy can we save with a VFD on our water pumps? Pool pumps? Can we lower our energy costs with a pump controls upgrade?


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