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Illinois Pump rebuilt our irrigation pumps. The rebuilt pumps run smoother and quieter. The pumps are now better than when they were Brand New!
Rick B.; Bob O’Link Golf Club

Our main pool pump failed on the hottest day of the year. We called the company who sold us the pump, several plumbers and several other companies. Each one told us there was a 2-3 week lead time to get our pump fixed. We then called Illinois Pump. Their motto…We Respond. Well they sure did. Illinois Pump had our pump rebuilt and running in 3 DAYS!
Scott R.; Skokie Park District

Since we implemented Illinois Pump’s recommended Preventative Maintenance program, we have decreased our lift station pump costs by nearly 50%.
Joe E.; Village of Carpentersville

Our boiler feed pump failed in early January. A new pump did not fit and the lead time was 4-6weeks. Illinois Pump rebuilt the obsolete pump in 48 Hours.
Brian N.; Kirwan Mechanical

Illinois Pump Retro-fitted our house pumps (domestic water booster system pumps). We’ve increased the water pressure so the flush valves on the top floor work better, but even better than that their design decreased our Energy costs by 90%!!
Marty K.; Salvation Army HQ

We have a tough sewage ejector application. For many years we had to have a costly repair every 3-4 months. When we started using Illinois Pump the repairs were done faster AND at a Lower Cost, AND they ran smoother. After several repairs Illinois Pump recommended we Retro-Fit to a different design. It has been 2 years since the new pumps were installed and everything runs perfectly. We will call Illinois Pump for ALL of our pumps now!
Matt F.; Metropolitan Correctional Center